How to Stay Healthy and Keep Your Students Engaged

To our patients and their families,

Thank you again for trusting us with your care.  We are in unprecedented times, which will require understanding, and patience from all of us. In that spirit, we ask for your cooperation as our community tries to manage this situation in the best way possible. If you have not already seen this resource on the importance of SOCIAL DISTANCING, PLEASE take the time now to review it now. Obviously, do this while socially distancing; please share by any means other than personally.

Also, please ensure you are actively participating in your health by:

  1. Washing your hands frequently
  2. Getting great nutrition – cruciferous vegetables (there’s a ton of them), dark berries, variety of probiotic foods, foods high in zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D, B vitamins, garlic, ginger, onions, curcumin, rosemary, thyme, and mushrooms.
  3. Ensure you are adequately hydrated, with best quality water of course; green tea is welcomed as well, as this has many compounds in it that are beneficial
  4. Getting adequate sleep: for most people this means getting about 7-8 hours a night, starting around 10-11pm
  5. Remaining active, while ensuring about 6 feet of distance from others; please get outside to take walks, visit a nature trail, ride your bike
  6. Having fun and attempting to control all this stress – put your energy into actively staying healthy rather than the stress of worry
  7. STOPPING smoking anything and everything you may be inhaling into those precious lungs of yours.

We are happy to provide you care and certainly happy to do appropriate testing.  Currently, COVID-19 testing is recommended for those with:

  • fever, cough, or SOB, AND
  • risk of travel or contact (this will likely change), AND
  • negative flu test or strep test (if sore throat included in symptoms)

IF you have been isolating with these symptoms, and you are becoming increasingly SOB, making breathing difficult, please call 911 and present to your nearest Emergency Room.

While you are playing your part to keep the community at lower risk, to pass the time, consider playing games as a family, reading all those books you have wanted to read, or simply relaxing and listening to an old CD or vinyl.

Some other resources passed on by a local pediatrician and K/1 teacher:

  • Other Goose – a lot of my friends have been posting on social media about this. It’s a homeschooling resource they’ve made free for 21 days..
  • Circle Round – a podcast that adapts folktales from around the world and sparks great conversations between kids and parents.
  • BrainPop Jr and BrainPop – educational videos on tons of topics. You can use the login abp2, password abp. They even have videos on colds/flus and washing your hands.
  • Go Noodle – they have awesome guided movement videos, including a 30-min indoor recess. You can click on the “for families” button and don’t need a login.
  • Storyline Online – one of my favorites! Celebrities read their favorite kids books.
  • Albemarle County Public Schools Extended Closure Online Learning Resources – resources for all grade levels and divided up by content area.

Thank you, best in health