Greetings From Greg Gelburd, DO


I am writing this note to you and all the people in my practice whom I have
had the pleasure of serving over the past thirty years. It has become
apparent to me that my time as a practicing physician is coming to an end
in August 2022.

I certainly wish I could write a personal note to each one of you, or sit
down with you. Perhaps in the future we will each have the opportunity to
do so. We have shared many stories, ailments, and joys.

I have found myself rejuvenated and nourished in caring and serving each of
you, whether you have small children whom I have had the joy to care for
from birth or if you are an adult, younger or geriatric age (my age in
other words).

We are actively recruiting for a physician or nurse practitioner. Should
you decide to leave the practice I would like to help you with this


Greg Gelburd, DO