Dr. Katz has written a book!

It’s fun, creative, and informative. A children’s book engaging families to explore the benefits of fruits and veggies.

If you have ever heard Dr. Katz speak about life, you would know how passionately he feels on the topic of health. A tremendous advocate of intention towards health, regardless of age.

But how to communicate this effectively to children, and for that matter to the parents of those children?

In his everyday practice, Dr. Katz realized children had worn their parents’ patients down, so most meals would consist of processed foods, or be quite limited in variety. After all, we all know it only takes one try to get most children to like a food containing sugar, but more than 10times to get them to like or at least tolerate a savory food.

So, after trying numerous ways to communicate this extremely important topic, he arrived at the notion of how we as humans, and how our cells best communicate. By having all the important nutrients available, or in the case of the English language, all the important vowels.

So, in an effort to combine these two concepts, he came up with the idea of “Making a Magnificent You” or as the concept would dictate “M_k_ng _ M_gn_f_c_nt Y__”.

The book can now be Pre-ordered at any one of your favorite book outlets (amazon, Barnes and Noble), so in favor of improving the health of our little ones, and spending an enriching time with your little ones exploring this playful book, please order now!