COVID-19 Vaccine

As of 1/14/2020, we do not know when the COVID 19 vaccine will be made available for those other than Health Care Workers. We will update you as we learn more from the department of health in the coming weeks. Please help us by being patient and feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss specific concerns related to your condition. At this point, however, we do not have any further information about when or how the vaccine will be distributed. Monitor our web page for additional updates as they become available. We will not be making individual phone calls to our patients. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

The Virginia Department of Health is still in stage 1a of the vaccination program, vaccinating health care workers. However they are beginning to prepare for vaccinating group 1b, front line essential workers, individuals 75 or older, and those living in correctional facilities and other large group settings.

Phase 1b In-Depth

FRONT LINE ESSENTIAL WORKERS: need to be referred *by their employers* who need to fill out the survey at this link

INDIVIDUALS 75 OR OLDER: fill out the survey at this link

INDIVIDUALS 65 OR OLDER: fill out the survey at this link

Patients in the 1b vaccination cohort (>65 or 18-64 w/specific co-morbidities) who lack a computer and/or email access can call the BRHD COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline (434.972.6261) to provide their information and be put in the queue for when vaccine becomes available.