By Dr. Gregory Gelburd

First of all, most of us have a love hate relationship with this white powder. It’s been around for several thousand years and in the western world at least the last 1500 years since the crusades found sugar cane growing in the fields around Jerusalem. 

Many of us now have learned that inflammation is the cause of many diseases be it cancer or heart disease or strokes or arthritis , skin or even stomach issues. For this reason we will find most of our health care providers asking us not to eat so much sugar. Sugar of course comes in the bags of white powder that we put in tea or coffee or bake with. It’s also found in other carbohydrates such as the white foods, pasta, bread, white rice, and many baked goods which uses a lot of sugar to sweeten. Sugar is also hidden in everything from ketchup and spaghetti sauce. Sodas, cookies ,cereals and obviously candy, alcohol and even yogurt which claims to be healthy for us. 

For those of us who are not diabetic and have normal blood sugar levels, our sugar intake or carbohydrate intake can be very damaging to our bodies over the years. It contributes to dementia as well as to the medical issues outlined above. The issue of sugar has been of interest to me over the last 30 years or so and to this end I’ve created a website which you are welcome to check out. I would also appreciate your contributions to this website, for questions contact me directly.