• Cellphones really are addictive

    Sometimes my cellphone feels like it’s wired directly into  my brain. My text  message bing goes off and I seemingly have no control to ignore it. This is true whether I’m driving, sleeping, reading or meditating.  Why? I know I’m not the only one which is why I’m writing this blog.  The fact is, we are wired for this little device. It connects us to our world and the world beyond. Whether it is a spouse, a friend, a child who might be texting us, we are destined to react to that little sound. It’s the same reflex as if someone tapped us on the shoulder , we can’t help but turn around and see if it’s a friend or a foe.

    And then there’s the device itself. How often do I open the  phone to look for a message or email and then wind up down some rabbit hole looking at something totally fascinating but so obtusely related to what I was looking for, I then forget why I pulled the little sucker out of my pocket.

    So how do we disconnect? A recent Washington Post article suggested we do it slowly. That’s right, not cold turkey. Keep it a bit further away from us, leave it alone for a set period of time every day where it cannot disturb you. Make dinner time and other times cellphone free periods. In other words, pay attention to the people around us, don’t let a phone come between you and an important  conversation between you and someone important in your life. If  you are sitting to read, meditate or pray, make that time holy, make it special and remove the alerts on your phone or simply remove it from the room. It’s that easy. Start slow and go further each week.

    And for goodness sake, put your phone in some unreachable spot in the car. DO NOT pick it up to text or receive one while driving. We really CAN’T do two things at once. More teenagers are killed now from texting  while driving  than from any other cause.  We can do this, we need to do this, and if it’s impossible and you want help, we are available to talk with you and help you!!!

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  • Posted by barbara Cruickshank on August 22, 2016, 11:05 am

    Good advise regarding cell phones.
    However, what about the giant white elephant in the room – cell phone radiation is linked to a higher risk of cancer.

    In May 2016, the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) released results from a study showing just that. It was reported only in passing in the press. These results have been found in multiple studies around the globe.
    Please google the report and the press release from the American Cancer Society stating that the associations to cancer are strong.
    For the sake of young parents and their children, we must teach families how to use these technologies safely. There are many ways to decrease exposures to this radiation.

    Barbara Cruickshank RN MSN Community health
    Parkway St.
    Charlottesville 22901

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