• Keeping Your Heart in Mind

    Let’s remember the power of the heart. Not only is it the pump that allows for our bodies to remain oxygenated alive, the energy produced in the heart is magnetic! The heart can project a powerful magnetic field demonstrated by many studies.

    In fact, researchers at HeartMath have determined that the physiology and nerve centers of the heart are so complex and active, that they constitute a “brain” all on their own, termed a “mini-brain.”

    HeartMath is an institute which has been studying the heart and its many attributes for the past 24 years focusing on the intuitive qualities of the heart.

    As we go through our day, connecting with the heart can have many benefits, including stress reduction, a better understanding of ourselves and more compassion for others around us. As busy as clinical practice can be, the feeling I generate as a practitioner when I am aware of my heart, can be quite incredible. Dr. Gelburd and I often refer to the this awareness as the “bubble”: that amazing sensation we are aware of connecting deeply with a patient. From this place, healing seems effortless and instinctive, for both individuals.

    From this place, it is easier to discern the underlying cause of physical symptoms as well as emotional issues which can trigger our body and it’s fight or flight response.
    If you would like to augment your understanding of the heart and its many facets, in terms of energy and how it can positively influence your daily life, have a look at this article from The Mind Unleashed.

    ~ Jackie Curtis, FNP

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  • Posted by exceler on July 31, 2015, 3:29 am

    Is it really possible that, the heart can produce magnetic field? I think this idea is amazing where can I read more about this? Thanks for sharing this.

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    • Posted by Greg Gelburd on September 5, 2015, 2:38 pm
      in reply to exceler

      the heart produces an electromagnetic field that can be measured more than 25 feet away. The HeartMath people out on the west coast have been writing about this for nearly twenty years. cool stuff

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