New – Prescription Submission Notification

To make getting and refilling prescriptions easier for you, on Monday January 16th we will begin sending an automated call to your phone notifying you that we have electronically sent the prescription to your pharmacy. The message will let you know who the prescription is for, the clinician that filled it, the pharmacy we sent it to, and the pharmacy’s phone number. There is no longer a need to call us to find out if we sent it. We will let you know with this message. Once you get this message you can call your pharmacy to find out when it will be ready for you to pick it up. If you had the prescription ordered while you were at an appointment and you do not receive a message within 24 hours, please call us back. If your prescription is being refilled, please wait 48 hours before calling us.


Evening Hours have Resumed

We are excited to announce the reopening of extended hours. We have realized that it has been hard for our patients to get in to see our providers for acute needs. To help address this we have extended our hours so that we now have a provider in the evenings until 7pm for Monday through Thursday. This time is being reserved to address acute and rapid turnaround follow-up care. The hours are being staffed by all the providers on a rotating basis so scheduling with a specific provider will be difficult. But we are confident that this change will make it possible for someone from this practice to see you or your family member fairly quickly.

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    What I do, a post from our practitioner.

    What I do – Part 1 What is Functional Medicine? by Melanie Dorion Given that I get this question often, I will dedicate this post to a brief discussion of my approach to health and medicine. I took a long route to coming to this approach via my previous career as a professional cyclist and

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    Tick Bite Basics

    TICK BITE BASICS   After recently reviewing many peer reviewed articles on tick bites and the diseases they can carry, I have summarized the information for our patients. Please remember that you can always call us to discuss your particular situation. We are happy to help you sort things out. Here are some facts: The

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